Last of minor rounds for junior tennis

AFTER the puddles from the rain were swept off, junior tennis players played their final round on Friday night.

Thanks to Daniel, Erica, Josh, Zara and William who all filled in for division one teams.

Great games were played in many of the singles matches.

Chocolate bar winners from last week were Luke and Fletcher.

This week's winners were Daniel and Erica for their division one debuts.

The final ladder positions are Wilson 12 points, Prince 12 points, Prokennex 10 points, Dunlop eight points (53 per cent), Babolat eight points (44 per cent) and Yonex four points.

All teams are involved with the final on Friday night, followed immediately by trophy presentations.

The six teams have been divided into three divisions after results were collated and the matches will be:

Division one - Wilson vs Prince, division two - Pro Kennex vs Dunlop and division three - Babolat vs Yonex.

Best of luck everyone in the final on Friday.

Upcoming tennis opportunities include the Lucindale Easter tournament, Foundation Cup trials and Johnson Shield competitions.

Prokennex 6 sets, 36 games defeated Prince 0 sets, 12 games.

Doubles: Jack and Hugo 6 def Mitchell and Kacey 2; Eliza and Daniel 6 defeated Katie and Erica 2.

Singles: Jack A 6 def Mithcell P 4; Hugo 6 def Kacey 0; Eliza P 6 def Katie 1; Daniel D 6 def Erica 3.

Wilson 6 sets, 36 games defeated Yonex 0 sets, 7 games.

Doubles: Zara Lyon and Will R 6 defeated Campbell and Lily 3; Luke and Hagan 6 defeated Jessie and Josh 0.

Singles: Zara Lyon 6 def Campbell 1; Will R 6 def Lily 1; Luke P 6 def Jessie 0; Hagan 6 def Josh 2.

Babolat 3 sets, 28 games defeated Dunlop 3 sets, 25 games.

Doubles: Sam and Fletcher 6 def Will W and Thomas 5; Nikki and Zara Lewis 6 defeated Tom L and William E 2.

Singles: Sam 5 lost to Will W 6; Fletcher 5 lost to Thomas E 6; Nikki 6 def Tom L 1; Zara Lewis 0 lost to William E 6.

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