Repair work at Wyomi Beach

Fierce storms last weekend contributed to the continued erosion of Wyomi Beach and the road closure of a portion of Marine Parade.

Kingston District Council has teams at Wyomi Beach doing repair work to stabilise the area until summer when the Wyomi Beach rock wall can be built. 

Kingston mayor Reg Lyon said: “The council are replenishing the sand, putting the geo-fabric back in place and putting stones on top of it.

“We didn’t have the stones last year so that will help stop the water from going behind the geo-fabric and tearing it down.

“We hope it will hold until summertime and the rock wall can be built.”

CEO Andrew MacDonald added: “When the waves came over the top of the bags it slowly pulled the geo-fabric down but it will all be anchored together with large rocks to hold it in place. We think that this solution will suit the situation better and provide more protection.

“It is not the ideal time of the year to do any sort of work on the beach, we have been working with the tides which are low in the morning mostly but we are just doing the best we can.

“We haven’t considered when Marine Parade will be opened at the moment, at this point in time it will remain closed.

“This is for a couple of reasons, is it is a construction site at the moment. Prior to us doing any work what we were witnessing was people driving cars up on those banks and when there is an undermining of those banks it becomes quite dangerous. The road has been closed to keep people away from the edge.”

The Kingston jetty has received a small amount of damage to one of the lower landings and it has been closed for repairs.

“The opening date for jetty won’t be too far away, once we get on top of Wyomi Beach we will prioritise the jetty,” said Mr MacDonald.

Mr Lyon said: “When the jetty was repaired it was only repaired to a certain standard and obviously the sea doesn't take any notice of that.

“We will always do the best we can to restore things and look after the best interests of the town.”