Another great shoot

Kingston Clay Target club had a good roll up of shooters on Saturday 17th November 23.

Shooters came from Bordertown Mt. Gambier , Lucindale and of course Kingston.

All the shooters started the day off with shooting 25gt skeet Handicap, the shooters shoot very well and 1st through to 5th was sorted out by shoot offs with Phil Obst shooting 25 out of 25 and having 2 clays up his sleeve.

The results for the event 1st Phil Obst, 2nd Eric Hall, 3rd Damien Lloyd, 4th Trevor Decaux and 5th was won by Don Pratt.

Thank you to Jim & Julie from Little's BP Kingston for sponsoring the event.

Shooters then went to the down the line and shot 50 target Double barrel championship, everyone shot well, 2 people came out on top by shooting 50 out of 50.

Well done to Don Pratt and Steve Zadow.

They had time to grab some more shells and start the shoot and both started off well, then Steve shot his 15th target and Don had 2 shots at his 15th tgt and the clay kept flying.

Bad luck Don, well shot Steve after a day's fishing.

The event was sponsored by Lacepede Seafood, thank you Steve & Sue.

Overall & AA Grade was Steve Zadow with a score of 65/65, Don Pratt 2nd with 64/65, A Grade 1st Peter Winser 47/50, 2nd Eric Hall 45/50.

B Grade 1st Shayne Wallis 46/50, 2nd Phil Obst 42/50.

C Grade 1st Damien Lloyd 44/50, 2nd Andrew Green 41/50, Veteran winner Bob Andrews 48/50 and Ladies winner Sue Crane 41/50.

Everyone grabbed some more shells and got ready for the last event of the day 25 target Continental, sponsored by Trevor Decaux, thank you Trev.

All the shooters shot well, the results of the last event of the day was AA Grade 1st Don Pratt 25/25, well shot Don.

2nd was a draw between Bob Andrews & Steve Zadow.

They flipped a coin and Bob won 24/25.

A Grade 1st Eric Hall 24/25, 2nd Peter Winser 22/25, B Grade 1st Andrew Smith 24/25, 2nd Shayne Wallis 23/25, C Grade 1st Trevor Decaux 23/25, 2nd Damien Lloyd 21/25.

Everyone had a great day, thank you to the three sponsors, Little's BP Kingston, Lacepede Seafood and Trev Decaux.

At the end of the day the overall High Gun for the day was won by Don Pratt with a score of 95/100, only dropping 5 targets for the day. Well shot Don.

The next shoot for the Clay Target Club is the Christmas shoot to be held on Saturday the 8th December.

60 target Novelty shoot.

Hope to see you there for the last shoot of the year.

Winner Don Pratt and Steve Zadow with president Phil Obst.

Winner Don Pratt and Steve Zadow with president Phil Obst.