Anne takes out Hudson award

ANNE Daw is a joint winner of this year's Jill Hudson Award for outstanding contribution to protecting the environment.

Anne, whose family has property outside Kingston, jointly won the award with Emie Borthwick, of Tumby Bay.

The Conservation Council gives out the Jill Hudson Award each year to someone who lives in SA, and who is recognised for making an outstanding contribution to protect the environment.

The recipient of the award may be a volunteer, an employee of an environmental organisation, a government employee, politician, educator or journalist.

The aim of the award is to recognise the efforts of the recipient and the circumstances under which the recipient worked in their efforts to protect the environment.

Special consideration is given to nominees who have had to contend with significant government, political, corporate, media or institutional prejudice in their efforts to mobilise public opinion to protect the environment.

Jillian Hudson (1948-1997), was a primary school teacher in SA who had strong concerns for the environment which she passed on to her students.

She is known for her quote: "Life is an opportunity and its purpose is to stand for something and to make a difference."

Ms Borthwick is a farmer and spokeswoman for Saving Our Sustainability at Tumby Bay.

Anne and Emie work closely together, along with other landowners in SA for protection of SA's food bowl areas in prime agricultural and cropping areas and areas of conservation significance.

They both share concerns of the impacts on aquifers, soil and agricultural productivity by mining and unconventional gas projects in SA.

Apart from pastoral areas, there is only 4.6 per cent prime agricultural land and cropping areas in SA.

Jill Hudson Award recipients Anne Daw (left) and Emie Borthwick.

Jill Hudson Award recipients Anne Daw (left) and Emie Borthwick.