CF raffle raises awareness

ROBE'S Cystic Fibrosis raffle has raised about $2500 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Jax and Zoe Vearing helped draw the raffle on Easter Monday at the Visitor Information Centre.

Jax and Zoe Vearing helped draw the raffle on Easter Monday at the Visitor Information Centre.

Raffle tickets went on sale almost a month ago, with tins in most Robe businesses and the Robe Hotel donating their Friday night draw to the cause.

On Easter Monday the raffle was drawn with the top prize going to Hadley Johnson.

The Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation fundraising manager Marta Harbuzinska said funds raised by the foundation go towards providing the best possible equipment, facilities and environment for patients, including those with long term conditions like cystic fibrosis, along with world-class research.

"It is thanks to generous community supporters that we are able to fund specialised facilities like The Breathing Space and Allan Scott Laboratory at the WCH - dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing research into cystic fibrosis and other respiratory diseases," Ms Harbuzinska said.

The Breathing Space facility at the WCH opened in April, 2012, and was funded by the WCH Foundation.

It is a space dedicated to the diagnosis and specialist treatment of and research into CF and other respiratory diseases.

The Breathing Space is a unique outpatient treatment facility which also houses the Allan Scott Laboratory dedicated to research and development into preventative measures and symptom relief.

The Breathing Space also has the highest quality infection controls "built-in" as children with CF are particularly susceptible to hospital-acquired infection and many patients have lung diseases that can make them particularly vulnerable to acquiring infections.

Because of research into CF, scientists have found ways to improve quality and length of life for sufferers.

The CF gene was discovered in 1989, and although there is currently no cure the pace of CF research has been constant.

In the 1960s most children with CF lived to around 10 years old.

Today, the life expectancy of a child with CF has been extended to around 38.

A group of researchers at the WCH are focusing on enabling gene transfer into the affected airways of patients with CF.

Achievements in the laboratory so far give researchers the belief that there will be a cure in the future.

Organiser and father of two children with CF, Mark Vearing said they were really happy with the fundraising efforts.

"We are so grateful to everyone who got involved," he said.

"We especially want to thank the Robe Hotel for donating their Friday night draw and to Cantina Kick for donating $600 from the Robe Easter Classic barbecue."

Mark said the raffle wouldn't have been such a success without the generous donations from local businesses.

He wanted to thank the following businesses for making up the prizes: The Dunes accommodation, The Summer House accommodation, The Union Cafe, Steve's Place, Mahalia Coffee, Woodsoak Wines, Cape Jaffa Wines, Loaves and Fishers, Robe Pharmacy, The Shak, Cantina Kick, Pizza Project, Holiday, Sky Seafoods and the Robe Mobil.

"I also want to thank Kate Baird for her help in organising this raffle," Mark said. "We hope to make it an annual fundraiser."

To donate for a cure or for more information on CF, visit or visit