Cricket Cooler launches in Robe

Robe Mobil s Dougal Weir (left) has a hit on Robe s front beach with co-director of Sunscreen Umbrella and Cricket Cooler creator Leigh Warren.
Robe Mobil s Dougal Weir (left) has a hit on Robe s front beach with co-director of Sunscreen Umbrella and Cricket Cooler creator Leigh Warren.

FORMER Robe local Leigh Warren and business partner Adam Dubrich recently launched what could be one of the hottest products of this summer - the Cricket Cooler.

The two young Adelaide entrepreneurs launched their product via Kickstarter in August, and it is already selling like hot cakes, with the Robe Mobil being the first to stock the "great Christmas gift idea".

The Cricket Cooler is an innovative take on two classic Australian pastimes - barbecues and cricket.

It is a 33 litre cooler that comes equipped with a set of stumps that rotate upwards at the front - ensuring that food and drinks remain cold while the winning runs are being hit.

"My business partner Adam and I came up with the idea for this product one day while we were at the beach with a bunch of family and friends," director of Sunscreen Umbrella (the company behind the product) Leigh Warren said.

"We were tired of lugging our coolers, chairs, towels, bats and balls down to the beach and back to our cars every weekend. The idea of the Cricket Cooler was something that we wanted - but it just didn't exist."

Leigh, along with Sunscreen Umbrella co-director Adam Dubrich, brought their idea to life after securing patent protection and spending a number of years designing, testing and manufacturing the product.

"It has been a few years in the making but we wanted to make sure that we were able to offer the most cost effective, high-quality product that we could," Leigh said.

Growing up in many coastal towns including Robe, Leigh's passion for cricket was cemented at a young age.

"As a teenager, summer days meant beach cricket games with mates, improvising on what could be used as a wicket - which included everything from a body board to a deck chair," he said.

Robe Mobil's Dougal Weir is supporting the ex-locals' project and has been granted the initial rights for the cricket cooler as the exclusive Robe stockist.

"When I saw this product I knew it was going to be a hit, so I made contact with the creators and decided to range it in our shop," Dougal said.

"It is really good to be in a position to support a couple of local SA lads who are having a go."

The launch of the unique product reflects the determination of Adam and Leigh - both fathers with day jobs and young children.

Having known each other for 10 years, the pair has founded Sunscreen Umbrella, with hopes that they will build other similar innovative products under their portfolio.

"We will continue to innovate but our dream for this product is to walk down to the beach over the next few months and see the cricket cooler being enjoyed by beach lovers the way we had always dreamed that it would be," Leigh said.

Leigh's late father David Warren was the bank manager in Robe in the late 1970s and was also the treasurer for Robe Football Club during this time.

The Cricket Cooler is also available to buy online at