Kingston RV park review

KINGSTON District Council has decided to revise and review the town's RV park locations.

Council held a workshop on May 22 to discuss Kingston's free RV parks due to concerns relating to the effective management of the parks and the potential imbalance with respect to the Kingston Caravan Park.

Kingston District Council will monitor the town's main RV Park over the next 12 months to see if additional capacity is required.

Kingston District Council will monitor the town's main RV Park over the next 12 months to see if additional capacity is required.

The workshop considered policy implications for council, records of inspections, current issues and future opportunities.

It was also suggested that council introduce new provisions for the use of the main RV park adjacent to the Lions Park, such as excluding tents and standard, non-camping vehicles.

At council's June meeting, it was originally proposed that both Wyomi and Pinks Beach RV parks be closed due to new land development in the area and in consideration of the revised by-laws at the main RV park.

While councillors agreed with the closure of the Wyomi Beach site, some questioned whether closing the Pinks Beach site was necessary.

"I can't see a reason the Pinks Beach site can't stay open as there needs to be a place where long-term RV users can stay in off-peak times otherwise they'll up and go," Cr Kay Rasheed said.

An expansion of the main RV park site to compensate for the closure of the Wyomi beach site was also mentioned.

Council also discussed encouraging the caravan park to offer a discount during off-peak times so RV park users would potentially stay longer.

"Rather than enlarge the main site immediately, perhaps we should enlarge it if required after assessing the situation after 12 months," Cr Jeff Pope said.

Cr Graham Usher agreed: "We'd find out over a year if everything (the discounts and closures) is all working, it would be a bit drastic to expand the current area right away."

Cr Rasheed wasn't sure whether RV users would stay for a substantial amount of time during the cooler months no matter what was offered.

"Fair enough about the (caravan park) discount, but it's not the off-peak times people want to stay here for four or more days," Cr Rasheed said.

Signage to promote the caravan park discounts and visually communicate free RV park compliance requirements were also discussed at the meeting.

The RV Friendly Town scheme is an initiative of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia and is a helpful way for caravaners to identify small towns to plan a stopover.

Kingston has held RV Friendly status since September, 2010.

Cr Usher moved the six revised recommendations which were:

- That council resolves to continue to make available the RV park adjacent to the Lions Park, but eliminate the need to be self-contained and allow RVs, caravans, wickivans, campervans and 4x4 vehicles with dedicated roof top camping, 24-hour access to the park.

- That council resolves to exclude tent camping and standard vehicles (non-specific camping vehicle) from utilising the RV park.

- That the RV park adjacent to the Lions Park be monitored over the next 12 months and additional capacity considered if required.

- That the parking area at Pinks Beach remain in place until a new long-term parking area for RVs within the Kingston township is identified.

- That council resolves to close Wyomi Beach RV park in consideration of the new land development within the area.

- That administration brings back to council a report that accordingly amends the appropriate council by-laws to reflect the above resolutions.

These were seconded by Cr Rasheed.