Hamish and Andy launch #PinchAMate campaign to save Larry the Lobster | VIDEO

LARRY the Lobster made national airwaves on Thursday afternoon when radio heavyweights Hamish and Andy brainstormed their own “Save Larry” campaign. 

Responding to an email from Kingston local Gordon Shreeves, the pair joked that “their blood ran cold” when they read about the possible demise of a tourism icon in SA’s own backyard. 

The duo phoned Gordon who explained Larry’s deteriorating state and could face a repair bill of many thousands of dollars.

A surprised Ellie at Kingston’s Royal Mail hotel also got a call from Hamish disguised as a “seasoned traveller” who was gauging how loved Larry was among locals. 

Kingston locals get behind the campaign to save Larry

The pair also took calls from people who had seen Larry during their travels. A caller named Meg said Larry was “definitely worth the stop” during a road trip with friends, Michael said Larry was “awesome” and Kimberley said she thought Larry “needs to be saved”.

Admitting they had never heard of the Big Lobster before Gordon’s email, Hamish and Andy said after some quick research their “natural instinct” to help kicked in and they started brainstorming ways to raise funds for Larry. 

The pair came up with the #PinchAMate campaign and are encouraging people to pinch a friend and state how much they want them to donate when they turn around. Details can be found at http://www.hamishandandy.com/2016/save-larry/. The page links to the existing Save Larry gofundme page. 

You can listen to Thursday’s show at http://www.hamishandandy.com/listen/