Cycling path on hold

There are concerns that a new bike path could impact the local coastal vegetation.
There are concerns that a new bike path could impact the local coastal vegetation.

Plans for a new cycling path in Robe have been deferred for the time being.

Robe Mountain Bike Association (RoMBA) is seeking permission from Robe District Council to plan and create a single trail parallel to the cliff top walk from Seafarers Crescent to the Outlet in order to avoid conflict between pedestrians and cyclists using the path.

Secretary for RoMBA Richard Mackey said the creation of a separate single trail would also provide a more advanced trail for cyclists, especially when mountain bike riders create momentum creating speed around blind corners and causing a hazard for other users o the path.

He said the club would not only fund and build the path, but would also provide ongoing maintenance of the path and conduct appropriate revegetation.

He said the club would work closely in association with the Robe Coastal Watch Group to ensure this.

Council discussed the proposed new cycling path at last week’s council meeting, and looked at whether the trail could be constructed in a way to avoid unnecessary removal of vegetation.

Cr David Loxton said there were currently footpaths shared by various groups and that rather than building a new path, people just had to cooperate and be sensible around one another.

He said the current path was designed to be shared by both pedestrians and cyclists and that it should stay that way.

Mayor Peter Riseley said that while he was supportive of the club doing things in the area, constructing a new path in that location “sends the wrong message as the tracks cause damage and destruction” on the coastal landscape, and council is trying to protect the area.

He suggested there are other places that RoMBA are considering for a new path that council would be more supportive of that are less damaging to coastal areas. 

It was suggested to be deferred by Cr John Enright.

Cr Rino Dell'Antonio suggested that the club should be invited to present their case with a more detailed report before council made a firm decision on whether the path would go ahead or not.