Newsagent wins award

Williams Newsagency in Kingston have been awarded for their window displaying ANZAC coins.

“It was the ANZAC to Afghanistan display – we won one of the three awards. There was an agency in the suburbs of Adelaide, one at Birdwood and we won one as well for our window display, which we had to take a photo of and send it to The Advertiser to show them what we’d done.” Owner Pauline Williams said.

She said it was a nice a surprise, as she felt their display last year was better – “but so was everyone else’s!” as it was celebrating the centenary, she said.

This year’s display had a variety of items on show.

“We had a set of the coins, some army hats, we had some old photos… we’ve got some WW2 memorabilia from my father when he served that we keep.. and some other bits and pieces that we’ve collected along the way,” she said.

Ms Williams said it was nice to be recognised for the efforts put into the displays.

“We won a 300 dollar gift voucher which was very nice… very nice to think we were the only country newsagent to receive the award.”

There is now a KAS school reunion display in the front window of the newsagency.