Robe Primary School visited by African drumming group

Robe Primary School was visited by ‘Ghana Beat My Drum’. This performing arts company incorporates audience participation, singing, dancing and drumming and enlightened the students to the ways and culture of Africa and more particularly Ghana.

Jonas the lead performer, who has been a full time musician since he was fourteen and played with Ziggy Marley, taught the students words from the local languages. Ga Tui Mzema and Effutu and with their newly learnt words the entire audience participated in traditional call and response songs.

The students were told  how many traditional African instruments are made from easy to find natural resources. 

Shekere “pronounced She-Ka-Re” is the name of the African percussion instrument made from the dried fruit of the gourd vine and loosely covered with a wide decorative band of beads.

The sound is produced by holding the outer cover of beads in one hand and twisting the gourd across them or simply shaking the entire instrument.

The performance was very interesting and informative and the students really enjoyed it.