Wetlands to benefit 

LOCAL wetlands are set to benefit from a cross-border restoration program being coordinated by the Nature Glenelg Trust.

The program began when the Australian Government released details of projects that were successful in gaining funding under round one of the Clean Energy Future Biodiversity Fund, on May 4.

This is one of two grants that were awarded to the region's newest environmental organisation the Nature Glenelg Trust.

Lachlan Farrington will coordinate the project, along with Cath Dickson from Nature Glenelg Trust and Alix Baltais, who is on a student work placement from the University of Queensland.

The three have spent time out on private wetlands around the SE of SA, some just out of Kingston, trialling a new tool to measure the health of wetlands.

Over the next five years, the wetland restoration program will be aiming to see an improvement in the health of wetlands that are on private property.

Nature Glenelg Trust will be taking calls from landowners interested in restoring their wetlands.

As program coordinator, Lachlan will be taking the time to get to know landowners and visiting them and their sites and helping implement on-ground restoration works.

Major on-ground works, such as building the earthen levees, banks, weirs and fish-ways required to restore wetlands, will start in the second year of the project, from the 2013-14 financial year onwards.

Lachlan said he loved working in this part of the world - around Kingston.

"There is so much wildlife in these areas and it's not until you get off the major roads that you really start to notice it," he said.

"These vast swampy area's probably drove the early settlers to distraction but now, with so little left, they really are one of the region's truly significant habitats."

Nature Glenelg Trust's manager Mark Bachmann said Lachlan had great practical experience with wetlands across the breadth of the region in Victoria and SA.

"Lachlan comes to Nature Glenelg Trust from previous stints working with the Glenelg Hopkins CMA in Warrnambool and Hamilton, and prior to that, for the SA Department for Environment and Natural Resources based in Mount Gambier," he said.

"Lachlan's excellent technical skills, easy-going nature and passion for wetlands, will ensure that people have a really positive experience when they get in contact with him to discuss their potential wetland restoration projects."

Nature Glenelg Trust is a not-for-profit environmental organisation based in south-west Victoria and the SE of SA.

More information about the project is available through its website: www.natureglenelg.org.au.

Lachlan can be contacted by phone on 0401 208 717 or by email lachlan.farrington@natureglenelg.org.au.

Lachlan Farrington  and Alix Baltais look around a wetland around Kingston.

Lachlan Farrington and Alix Baltais look around a wetland around Kingston.