Wild weather wreaking havoc | PHOTOS

As Kingston was hit with wild weather overnight, locals are being warned to steer clear of dangerous sites.

The Kingston jetty, Wyomi Beach bike path and Groynes in Kingston and Cape Jaffa have all suffered from the storm that swept across, leaving damage and big clean up project.

Part of the jetty has swept away leaving a gap and a huge pile up of sea grass, as well as unstable pylons underneath, while the storm has eroded away the sand under the bike path and is dangerously close to roads and houses along Marine Parade.

And the worst may not be over yet, with high tides predicted for next week.

CEO Andrew MacDonald said the first priority for council was to keep the public safe and erecting danger sign at the affected areas. 

“We have to inform the public as best we can” he said, saying that the affected areas are highly dangerous. He said the council is closing off the affected areas while they consider the next stages of moving forward.

“The last thing we want is for people to have a look and put themselves in danger,” he said.

The council have been in contact with Civil and Environment Solutions to address the erosion at Wyomi Beach, and whether a short term solution of dumping more sand will be an effective measure, given predicted tides next will are expected to reach 1.5m – almost a foot higher than last nights.

Mr MacDonald said that until they can get an assessment from Civil and Environment Solutions, the immediate priority is to close off all dangerous locations and urges people to refrain from having a look at the damage.