Putting out a blaze is now a breeze

Volunteers from the Kingston Country Fire Service attended a two day Defensive Fire Suppression training course recently.

Volunteer member Meagan Robinson said the training was extremely useful for volunteer fire fighters.

“We learnt how to attack a fire from a defensive aspect,” she explained.

“We can’t enter a building [without breathing apparatus equipment], so this training gave us a good perspective from fighting a fire from the outside.”

Meagan said it gave the group a good idea of what could be done before “more appropriate personnel arrive.”

She said the closest team who could enter a building were based in Robe, so it was great to know what volunteer fire fighters could do in the meantime.

“We learnt a lot from attacking fires from the outside, especially if gas bottles were involved, or a car fire and how to attack it safely and trying to get someone out if they were stuck,” she said.

The group also learnt some “really cool techniques” like getting eater out of a dam and using it on a fire.

She also said that the  Kingston Country Fire Service were looking for more volunteers, and that the role was very rewarding.

“I do it because I love it,” she said.

“I was born and bred in the fire system, and it’s nice to give back to the community and knowing someone is around if something goes wrong.

“It’s a good way to meet a lot of people. We’re a big family, we always love new faces and we look out for each other!”