Susan Close sees country education in action

SA’s Education and Child Development Minister Susan Close visited Clare High School on Monday to see how the school was redeveloping its facilities in the wake of recent funding initatives.

The science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) funding was announced last year, aimed at increasing rural student uptake of the subjects, and Mrs Close was keen to see this being implemented at the school.

Mrs Close was given a guided tour by principal Sharryn Daly and student leaders Travis Kuchel and Etabez Donato.

“I was particularly pleased to see the STEM plans (Clare High School) have got,” Mrs Close said.

“We made this big decision (to give) $250 million out to 139 schools but it’s when you go to the school you see what they’ve planned, what's going to be transformed with that money – that's a really good feeling I have to say.”

Mrs Daly said the school was able to show Mrs Close the community support and passion their students had in developing their educational facilities.

“We are able to show the range of curriculum we have in Clare and the facilities and opportunities we have because of the cooperation with the community,” Mrs Daly said.

“(Mrs Close) can see that we are connecting with the community in an authentic way.”

Clare High School is using the financial support to redevelop the Year 7 block and upgrade some of its current building facilities.

During her tour, Mrs Close was shown the buildings set to be redeveloped and told by students why the upgrade was important to them. 

“I love going on school tours I have to say (and) I don’t think I’ve ever had a school tour that has been in any way a negative or miserable experience,” Mrs Close said.

“I always look to see if the school kids are talking to me as opposed to the people who work in the school and (Travis and Etabez) were really impressive, and they really enjoy the school too which speaks volumes.”

This story Clare High’s special visitor first appeared on Northern Argus.