No Robe slip lane

Robe District Council has decided against the proposed construction of a slip lane at the Victoria and Robe Street intersection due to the high costs of relocating Telstra and NBN infrastructure.

The council is looking into another solution to improve traffic flow in that area of the street.

Council CEO Roger Sweetman said: “In summertime it becomes quite congested for people who want to turn onto Victoria Street and Robe Street.

“Our engineers are looking for improvements for that intersection without doing large capital works, we don’t want to move the NBN and Telstra.”

Engineer Richard Gayler has been helping staff with the proposed slip lane.

Mr Gayler said in an email on February 20, 2017 that it could cost $500,000 to relocate Telstra and NBN infrastructure to implement a slip lane. 

Council could order a comprehensive quote on the relocation at a cost of $30,000 whereby Telstra and NBN may come up with a cheaper option. 

However the council considered the $30,000 cost of seeking a comprehensive quote prohibitive and would not recommend proceeding when there is no guarantee of a cheaper option. 

“We are not going to pay those costs to remove it, Telstra and NBN are private organisations and when you relocate them you have to pay,” said Mr Sweetman.

“There was an opportunity to improve traffic movement through that intersection but it has been lost.

“Council are considering implementing a simple easing left into Robe Street and left out of Robe Street.

“The council has been working out a solution for about 10 years.

“We will find a solution and improve the road in some manner, we are now waiting to see what the engineers say.”

The council has allocated a budget of $239,000 for slip lane and carpark capital works in the 2016-17 financial year.