Congratulations to Robe

Last weekend we were sitting outside at Robe having a few drinks while watching the wrens, finches and wattle birds flying around and using the bird bath.  

We reminisced over how much Robe has changed for the better over the last 50 years and how proud the councillors and members of the Robe community should feel at the developments.

When I first visited Robe it was a fishing village with no light and power.  

Houses outside the town centre proper required a diesel operated Dunlite power generator to charge storage batteries that provided power and light to the houses.  

The Lake Butler boat storage facilities did not exist although at the end of the fishing season the boats were winched over the sand hills into the lake.  

Now Robe is a holiday resort that international tourists find both attractive and charming.

The recently asphalted walkway from the boat haven to the obelisk and along to the light house provides stunning views.  

Walks can be completed with a meal or just tea or coffee at the marina while watching the boats come and go.  

Our favourite is to drive into the outlet, park the car and walk along the cliff tops to the caravan park and then down into the main street for breakfast.  

Full marks to the council for replacing the stepping stones with a bridge over the actual outlet.

The overall appearance of the town is excellent with good separation of the heritage section, new housing developments and the industrial area.  

The sporting facilities are excellent although I would like to see the golf course extended to 18 holes.  

It is pleasing to see there are plans to upgrade the medical facilities.  

The restaurants have improved their offers although some work needs to be done to make the serving staff aware of the difference between good and bad service.

I am especially pleased to see the marina has been developed in a way that is essentially consistent with the original business plan and to read that it was awarded an International MIA Gold Award.

Full marks to those who maintained the rage and the vision.  

A little birdy told me that it is now trading profitably.

Also congratulations must go to the council for providing good leadership by achieving all these improvements within tight fiscal control.  

I note that Robe’s “Draft Annual Business Plan 2016-2017 Summary” indicates a rate increase of 1.5% which is in line with CPI movements plus a 1% increase to cover development projects.  

This is in sharp distinction to the approach of the Mitcham council that is going out to public consultation for a rate increase of between 2.9% and 3.5%. for the 2017/2018 period.

Once again congratulations to everyone and the pride you have in our town.