Senator Don Farrell presents flags

South Australian Senator Don Farrell has visited schools in the South East to present school leaders with national flags.

He attended the Kingston Community School end of term assembly and delivered two flags along with a speech to the students.

Senator Farrell said that while he was in the region he would also talk to principals about the impacts of the Turnbull Government’s school funding cuts.

“Our principals and teachers work very hard to provide quality education opportunities and outcomes for our kids,” Senator Farrell said.

“So it’s concerning that a recent survey has found some schools are so cash-strapped that principals and teachers are spending their own money or relying on fundraisers and donations to purchase basic classroom supplies.”

The Government’s $30 billion school funding cuts mean Schools in the electorate of Barker are set to lose more than $50 million in Federal funding.

Senator Farrell said he regularly heard from parents worried about the impact the cuts will have on their children’s access to quality education and was keen to hear from principals and teachers in the South East about how they think the cuts will affect their school budgets.

“It could mean teachers might be unable to give students the time and resources they deserve and need to develop the skills required in their adult life.”

In January, Senator Farrell contacted schools offering to replace worn or missing National and Aboriginal flags, as part of the Federal Parliament’s Constituents’ Request Program.

“With Anzac Day coming up, now is a  great time for students to be learning about the meaning of our national flags,  what they symbolise and the protocols for flying them,” Senator Farrell said.

“One of the really good things you get to do as a senator is to hand out flags to the schools.

“My experience with the weather conditions down here is that the flags tend to become a bit tattered over time.

“We sent letters out to all the schools and have been running around delivering them this week.