Students brainstorm for the future

School students from across the South East put on their thinking caps to help generate ideas for the new Natural Resources South East Management plan.

About 140 students from 22 schools in the region filled the Naracoorte Town Hall on April 4  to engage in workshops aimed at helping shape a 10-year vision.

Natural Resource Management planning team leader Wendy Telfer said the ‘Shaping Our Future’ Youth Summit was crucial in integrating the student voice into the new NRM plan.

Kingston Community school teacher Shanna Backler said the workshop allowed the students to discuss the region they live in.

“They discussed what we liked about the region, the beach, the farm, the towns and the things that we like in those areas and what we want to protect.

“Everyone brainstormed in groups, our group in particular looked at how farming will evolve and what it will look like in 2070. It will be interesting to see how farming techniques will change.

“We looked at global warming and whether it will rain as much in the future or if it is going to be warmer.

“Are we going to be able to grow more tropical fruits here rather than the grains and crops that is currently grown?

“A couple of the students did a workshop on movie making, it was to encourage them to use their voice and spread their opinion about how we can look after our landscape in our region.

“Some students did landscape workshops, they went around and looked at things like rubbish in the ocean, different soils and how they can affect what can grow.

“We looked at the birds and wildlife and what sort of environments they need. We discussed weeds and how they they either hinder or help crops.

“Another workshop they were brainstorming was how they can protect the activities that we like to to do in our region, including camping, fishing and 4 wheel driving.

“The natural resources board are currently putting together a management plan for our region and the students talked to them about what they think is important for our region. The board are including the youth since they are going to be shaping the future.”