Tahlia ready to take Tasmania

Tahlia Troeth will soon be jetting off to Tasmania to compete in the national Lions Youth of the Year competition. 

Tahlia will have her flights and accommodation completely paid for.

Her mother, Linda Troeth, will be accompanying her but will be paying her own way so the Kingston Lions Club decided to donate some funds towards Linda's trip.

At the Lions meeting Tuesday night $500 was presented to Tahlia and Linda.

Chairman of the Youth of the Year Graham Hutchings will also be attending the competition in Tasmania and received $300 from the Kingston Lions for his travel expenses. 

Past president, Yvonne Emery said: “Tahlia did a fantastic job, it was amazing listening to her during each of the youth of the year stages, the Lions members are all definitely very proud of her.

“I have really enjoyed listening  to the kids, they have been really fantastic speeches and they keep getting better and better.

“The whole process has been very interesting.” 

Graham said Tahlia has reached a level that is truly fantastic.

“Tahlia has been competing against some great speeches,” he said.

“The competitors get nervous but Tahlia always manages to hold her own and she keeps giving a stronger performance each time.

”The impromptus allow for two minutes of talking and she always makes the full two minutes, some of the other contestants did not make as long, but it wasn't a penalty against them.”

“Tahlia loves public speaking and it is such a positive thing for Kingston Community School.”

She will also be heading to New Zealand at Christmas time for a couple of weeks to take part in a youth training camp.

If she wins in Tasmania the Kingston Lions Club will be entertaining all the other states for six days.