Funding for a rock wall

Kingston District Council has received $125,000 in funding towards the installation of a rock wall to protect against significant weather events.  

Member for Barker Tony Pasin has welcomed the announcement today that communities in Barker will receive funding for Natural Disaster Resilience Grants.

Projects within Barker include: Kingston District Council $125,000 towards the installation of a permanent rock wall to better protect public infrastructure and private homes against significant weather events and expected sea level rise in the future.

Limestone Coast LGA $50,000 To collect data for 400km of coast to identify potentially threatened assets and inform emergency management planning

Monarto Ag Bureau $20,520 To install three weather stations in Tepko, Monarto and Brinkley to reduce the likelihood of harvest related fires by providing data to inform the decisions of local farmers

Naracoorte Lucindale Council $60,900 To better understand the complex catchment area and involve the community in Councils decision making on designs of a suitable flood monitoring system

SA Country Fire Service $145,833 To complete bushfire mapping area plans including the Murray Mallee

Rural Business Support has also received a grant of $104,880 to develop an online planning tool and assist 135 rural businesses across South Australia to create their own tailored business survival plans.

Under the ‘Natural Disaster Resilience Program’ State agencies, local councils, non-government organisations and volunteer organisations can apply for funding for projects that build disaster resilience, demonstrate public value and provide sustainable community benefits.

“This is a fantastic example of Federal and State Governments working together to enable local communities to be proactive in building disaster resilience against Natural disasters,” Mr Pasin said.

“Obviously some things cannot be prevented but if we can help mitigate extensive damage to infrastructure, assets, businesses and livelihoods where possible then I think everyone will agree that is money well spent,” said Mr Pasin.