Fire truck broken into

Thieves have stolen important equipment in a break-in at the Marcollat CFS shed.

A fire truck sitting in the fire shed north-east of Kingston was broken into, with the thieves making off with radios, tools and fire fighting clothing.

CFS deputy group officer Brett McLaren said the break-in was really disappointing,

“It is concerning that a volunteer emergency services station was targeted,” he said.

The truck is off-line while it is being repaired.

While Mr McLaren said that was bad news, there were plenty of good things happening in CFS circles including the chance for community members to step up and join the Kingston CFS, which is always on the hunt for new faces.

Currently there are around 17 CFS crew covering Kingston but they can’t be on call 24/7. 

Brett said: “We are looking for new people to man the breathing apparatus, we need people of a certain fitness level for the apparatus equipment.

“At the movement we have two members from Kingston and two members from Reedy Creek and Taratap that are undergoing the training process for BA.

“The Kingston CFS would like to find new people to man the breathing apparatus so we don't have to rely on other brigades to come in, which would be Robe and Naracoorte CFS.”

The bulk of CFS callouts in the Kingston area include grass fires, road crashes and chimney fires.

All volunteers undergo a police check and receive proper training before being sent to an emergency.

The trainings take place on the first Sunday of every month at 8.30am and the first and third Thursday of every month at 7.30pm. If you can’t attend all the time, that is not a problem.

Joining the CFS is a great way to meet new people. CFS volunteers are able to be flexible, whatever time you can donate is always appreciated.

Volunteers carry a pager, when you are beeped for an emergency situation and you are available then you can lend a helping hand.

Brett said it was extremely rewarding to be a CFS volunteer.

“It is always sad to see the people directly affected by an emergency but at least you can be there to help them out. You can give back to community and help other people out in times of need.”