CFS awards long standing volunteers

Several amazing volunteers of Kingston CFS have received awards for long service.

At the CFS annual dinner at the Crown Inn last Saturday night the awards were handed out for 20 years of service and 30 years of service medals along with national medals.

One of the recipients, Les Smith, received a bar to add to the national medal he had received 25 years ago.

“I am pretty happy to receive the bar for my service to the CFS as I received my previous medal 25 years ago,” he said. “This bar was for 35 years plus years of service.

“I joined in 1978, nearly 40 years ago, and it has been a good 40 years.

“It is a bit of hard work, and also a lot of fun, I have been a fair few places.”

Robert Ratcliff received a national medal for his long service of volunteering with the CFS.

“I am absolutely proud, over 40 years of service. I started in the EFS, then we transferred to the CFS,” he said.

“I am still a member and going strong.

“I had a wonderful time on Saturday night and my wife, Margaret Ratcliff, was also a recipient of a 30 year service bar.

“It has been a great privilege to serve the community in this capacity, we have seen a lot, we have learnt a lot.

“You meet some great people with the CFS and working alongside everyone has been a great privilege. 

“I absolutely recommend that people join.

“We are getting older and are at the end of our careers. We need younger ones to come and take our positions.”

Trevor McKenzie and Bob Hancock also received awards on the night.