Sir John A. Macdonald-Canada Day

Kingston SE has declared July 1 as “Sir John A. Macdonald-Canada Day”.

Mayor, Reg Lyon, received a letter from Mr. Arthur Milnes from Ontario Canada, requesting that Kingston District Council declares July 1, 2017 as “Sir John A. Macdonald-Canada Day”.

The declaration is to celebrate, with other Kingston townships across the world, Canada’s 150th anniversary of its nationhood and its first and founding Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. 

Declaring 1 July 2017 as “Sir John A. Macdonald-Canada Day”, is a fun tribute to the nationhood of Canada and would be a positive collaboration with other Kingston Townships across the world.

Macdonald was born in Scotland; when he was a boy his family immigrated to Kingston in the colony of Upper Canada (today in eastern Ontario).

John initially attended local schools. When he was aged 10, his family scraped together the money to send him to Midland District Grammar School in Kingston

He had a political career which spanned almost half a century.

There are 63 places in the world named Kingston, including five places named Kingston in Australia.