Dangerous roads updated works

The state government has allocated funding for dangerous roads in South Australia including two risky roads leading into Kingston SE.

Princes Highway has received $4 million upgrades with improved signage, safety barrier installation, storm damage repair works and resealing.

There are scheduled works costing $5.9 million for shoulder sealing and an intersection upgrade.

Southern Ports Highway has received $2.2 million for pavement works, shoulder sealing and other safety improvements.

The highway will receive scheduled works costing $1.48 million including shoulder sealing and pavement works.

A media release from the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Stephen Mullighan, said that almost $120 million has been invested in the roads nominated in an RAA report about roads prioritised by the public.

Almost $70 million has been spent on projects such as intersection upgrades, safety barriers, shoulder sealing and pavement works during the last five years.

A further $48 million is budgeted for works in the immediate future with further works programmed for later financial years.

Minister Mullighan said: “the RAA report is a useful guide in identifying which roads and intersections are considered of highest priority for South Australians and is one of a number of sources of information, as well as correspondence from members of the public and Parliament.”

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