Ambulance service in Robe has great team

The Robe SA Ambulance team is a group of volunteers dedicated to serving their community.

Their aim is to provide a professional service to the community and be able to help when accidents or medical emergencies happen.

Currently they have a team of eight operational members but need more people to jump on board.

Volunteer team leader, Michelle Everett, joined ten years ago.

With three children she knows the importance of having a local ambulance service.

There were several occasions she needed to call on the ambulance for one child or another and was grateful for their commitment to the community.

“Joining SAAS was always something I was going to do - a way of giving back to the community. As Robe does not have a hospital it is extremely vital we continue to provide an ambulance service,” she said.

“SAAS will support every volunteer and provide training. The training allows you an opportunity to learn skills for life.

“Being an Ambulance Officer is very rewarding and you often form close bonds with the people you meet.

“We have a great team at Robe, everyone is supportive of each other and we strive to cover our roster 24/7.

“That is not always possible as to cover a 24 hour period requires four people (two shifts with two people on each shift) – we only have eight people.

“The roster is flexible and it has to be that way. We are all volunteers with busy lives.”

Becoming a volunteer Ambulance Officer at Robe gives you the opportunity to be part of a cohesive, supportive group whose focus is their community.

The new training course, being rolled out, will have new volunteers working on the ambulance in just six weeks.

SA Ambulance Service will support every volunteer and provide training.

Robe team train every Tuesday night at 7.30pm during school terms and anyone is welcome to attend a training session.

If you have any questions or would like more information contact Michelle on 0407 818 600.

Benefits for ambulance volunteers include:

  • Opportunity to provide a pre-hospital medical service to the community
  • Giving something back to the community
  • Connect to and better understand the community and its needs
  • Gain new knowledge and skills
  • Personal development and sense of achievement
  • Become part of a close-knit group of people who care
  • Engage with others within your local community