Bilingual signs in Robe

The Robe Council is looking to install bilingual signs in Chinese and English for public facilities and services.

During the June meeting it was decided after discussion to consult with Robe traders about the signage.

Cr David Loxton said: “There is signage that needs upgrading already, including a sign near the Union Cafe that is out of date and I don’t think we will have the Chinese racing in and worrying too much about it.

“We are always going on about how we need to get our budgets right and we are always going over budget on things so I think we should leave this, lay it on the table until we have a better understanding of the actual costing.”

Cr Lawrence Polomka said: “I think this is a good project for the Robe traders, I think it is something worth thinking about.”

He also asked how many nationalities the council was going to cater for.

Robe CEO Roger Sweetman said: “We are the only area of South Australia that has any Chinese heritage, so no other town in South Australia can lay claim to what we have. It is a matter of building on our strengths and advantages.

“Hahndorf builds on its German and East Prussian heritage and attracts people to it, Robe has this natural advantage that happened to us 160 years ago when the Chinese all got off the boat.”

Cr Polomka added: “I would like the CEO to have some discussion with the Robe traders about this.”

The town is receiving greater numbers of Chinese visitors and it is expected that this number will continue to increase.

Chinese tourism are high yielding tourists and on average spend 43 per cent more while on holiday than tourists and visitors from other countries.