NSW Knitting Nannas visit the South East

Well-known anti-gas campaigner and member of the Lismore Knitting Nannas against Gas, Felicity Cahill, visited the Limestone Coast recently and met with knitters from Robe and Beachport for lunch in Beachport.

'Knitting Nannas Against Gas' was established in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia, in June 2012, in response to a growing awareness of the exploration for unconventionally mined gas in our prime agricultural land.

They boast an extensive national and international membership, maintaining connections via web site, facebook and twitter.

Their website states “We sit, knit, plot, have a yarn and a cuppa, and bear witness to the war against those who try to rape our land and divide our communities.”

Felicity explained to the knitters present that the Knitting Nannas were always a passive resistant group but more than a force to be reckoned with in the successful campaign against gas in the Northern Rivers, and they continued their work to support groups all round Australia in their fight against gas fields.

During the time of the Northern Rivers campaign the Lismore Knitting Nannas against Gas were a presence outside the office of the sitting New South Wales politician's office for 365 days of the year, including Christmas day.  

Felicity said there was always some members of the group for some part of the day, every day, who sat and chatted, knitted and made the member aware, every time he arrived or left his office, of their silent, non-violent direct action protest against gasfields in the Northern Rivers.

While they carried out their vigils they knitted to raise funds for various gasfield free groups or to support local charities.

Knitting Nannas from Robe who attended were Robyn Russell, Larraine Falkner and Dianne Ling, and from Beachport, Marcia Lorenz, Rhonda Burleigh and Rita Mitchell.

Felicity also attended Mount Gambier's World Wide Knit in Public Day at the Mount Gambier Library on Wednesday 14th June.

If you would like to join a local Knitting Nannas group, contact Marcia Lorenz on 8735 8418 or 0439 802 129 (limited mobile coverage).