Students researching the ‘good old days’

The Kangaroo Inn Area School (KIAS) Year 5/6 class has been researching the “old days” and comparing them to the modern day and age as part of an Inquiry project. 

Two students, Zach Ballantyne and Blake Bowyer, explained what they had learnt in class and how they had compared farming in the 1800s to farming now.

“It has been fun actually, we have been able to use technology to research information,” Zach said. 

​”In my book I have written about ploughing and seeding in the 1800s and ploughing, seeding and harvesting in 2017.”

“It is very different,” Blake added.

Zach said: “Back then they had a wooden cradle with a scythe on the end and they would swing the scythe and chop the crops, now we can just harvest with a big machine.

“It definitely helped to have a farming background, I didn't have to research any information on 2017 farming, I just knew it.

“My bibliography is a book on the colonial years, a website and also my brain and Blake’s,” he added with a laugh.

The class had a camp oven cookout on Thursday where they made food using only ingredients that were available in the 1800s.

The students had to look up recipes that could be made in a camp oven.

“It couldn’t be anything like tinned spaghetti,” Blake said. 

The class made a damper, a pasta and a stew, cooking camp ovens over the fire with parents joining them for lunch.