New councillor elected for Robe

Robe District Council has elected a new councillor to replace Cr Kristina Alexander.

Alison Nunan has been elected in the recently held supplementary election.

Councillor elect Nunan will take the oath of office at the August Council meeting which will be held 6pm on August 22.

“The council look forward to working with Cr elect Nunan for the betterment of the community in the upcoming months,” said Robe mayor Peter Riseley.

“Congratulations to the Robe community as the voter turnout in the supplementary election was 53.8 per cent which for non-compulsory local government elections is impressive.

“I would also like to congratulate Malcolm Bates, Stephen Phillips and David Laurie who put themselves forward as candidates, and while they were unsuccessful showed that they were prepared to work for their community in the role of an elected member.

“An opportunity will present itself again in November 2018 should they wish to become involved in council at the periodic general elections.”

The provisional results of the election were:

  • Total names on the voters role – 1247
  • Formal ballot papers accepted –  662
  • Informal ballot papers – 1  

Votes cast:

  • Nunan – 296
  • Bates – 178
  • Phillips – 96
  • Laurie – 92

The election will be finally declared on August 11 at 10.25am.