Southern right whale washes up

The carcass of a young southern right whale was reported washed up near the Kingston Granites last Wednesday.

The find was reported to South Australian Museum by Nick Townsend who was travelling to Adelaide. 

He said the whale was about in line with the car park at the Granites.

James and Wendy Ferguson and Sid Frankling attended to the whale for South East Natural Resources.

The whale was 11m long and the trio took samples of the skin, blubber and muscle from the lower jaw, which have been frozen and will be sent to the museum for analysis.

“It is my belief that the major dent in the body may indicate that the whale was hit by a large vessel which damaged its spine but that is just supposition,” James said.

“The shark bites on the whale indicate the body may have been at sea for a while.”

In winter, southern right whales come to the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa and some oceanic islands to breed.