Robe sand dunes damaged

Robe dunes suffered vehicle damage in two locations just south of third ramp Long Beach last Friday morning.

Robe resident John Davidson said: “There is a much needed case for local registration of vehicles accessing the beach - we must highlight the abusers so that all others don't get jeopardised.

“We need to highlight these things and bring more public awareness to raise to bring greater transparency to people’s actions.

“The challenge is to have people respect the beach and enjoy the beach but also discourage and prohibit those from desecrating the beach.

“We have a challenge in front of us - one way of protecting the dune system as an important buffer is to prohibit vehicles all together.

“Nobody wants to see that and it’s not necessary if people respect the beach and don’t abuse it. If we don’t call out the abusers then everybody will have their access jeopardised.

“I think everyone realises the importance of preserving and maintaining the dune system as a resource to keeping our beach because without keeping our dune system there will be no beach.

“An example of this is the beach erosion that occurs when sand dunes are jeopardised or sea walls are put in place.

“Please actively discourage this kind of behaviour wherever you may see it.

“Dunes are all important as an integral part of the beach.”