Cliff stability in doubt

The District Council of Robe is excluding vehicles from part of the Esplanade adjacent to the Long Beach access ramp one for 30 days.

Closing a portion of the Esplanade on a temporary basis is for public safety reasons. 

During the 30 days council will receive and consider a cliff stability assessment report and its recommendations. 

In the 2017-2018 Annual Business Plan council allocated funds to undertake a cliff stability assessment along a portion of the Esplanade adjacent to ramp one. 

Lyndon Sanders from Tonkin and Associates did an inspection of the site and an engineer sent the following information: 

Based on my site observations and approximate measurements using a tape measure, I think there’s a risk that the overhanging areas of the cliffs extend beyond the fence at the top of the cliff and that these voids might potentially underlie the sealed pavement of the Esplanade. 

“Based on those observations and the implicit risk of landslide affecting the paved area, I suggest that council temporarily restricts access to the portion of the Esplanade where the fence is immediately adjacent to the sealed pavement between the ramp to the beach at the south-western end and where the fence changes direction at the northeastern end.

“I estimate that the maximum height of the cliff is about 4m along this section. I suggest therefore that public access is permitted only to the part of the Esplanade that is more than 4m from the crest of the cliff.

“My measurements suggest that the fence is about 0.7 m from the cliff crest at its closest, which implies closing off a section of Esplanade around 3.3m wide.”

Once council has received the risk assessment it will consult with the adjoining landowners in relation to options available on managing the cliff stability.