Art inspired by ocean

Ex-Kingston resident Tara Wilde will be exhibiting art work in Robe.

Wilson’s at Robe will be holding the exhibition opening from 2 to 5pm on November 5.

Tara Wilde was a student at Kingston Community School and her father was Postmaster for many years.

Tara holds a deep love and passion for the ocean and said: “It’s been a few years between brush strokes, with the odd dabble here and there,” she said.

“That all changed last year, with a trip to Port Douglas and the Barrier Reef. It blew my mind.

“Three different reef areas of pure piscatorial magnificence. I recall, sitting at the bow of the boat, talking to the skipper, still dripping in my wetsuit, euphoric yet slightly saddened, it was the last spot of the day and the patches of coral bleaching were on my mind.

“My phone goes beep, wow, reception way out on the reef, it felt slightly disturbing to break the oneness of feeling surrounded by this nature. I read the message …… “Just in the studio thinking about 2017… about a return to Wilsons. Cheers Terry”.

“The timing was so ironic,…oh hell yes, I’m in!

“It was amazing to receive such an incredible invitation. Creativity bursting in my head, swimming with fish ideas from the tropics of North Queensland.

“So now the collection is done. The tropical wonders so visually stimulating, yet the call of being true to my home was forever a comparison in my mind.

“Pick which ones are from the warm waters of North, and which ones from the temperate South Eastern cool sea. Our Southern fish are just as beautiful to me.

“By day I administer contracts, tenders and other such monotone rules, but by night I escape with the brush, memories, colour, I can smell the salt, I smile at the beauty I have been so fortunate to see. Sometimes little Miss rabbit helps me paint (well demands really), sometimes Tango the bird (he chews the end of my paintbrushes in my hand), it’s all a little quirky a times.

“Don’t ask me why, but this time my art has become more detailed, it was not intentional, it was often frustrating as it took many more hours than my previous works. The hand and the eye just take over, with a will of their own but I am pleased with the direction they chose.

“The very first painting completed, and the absolute inspiration for it all, is Angus, the most magnificent, charismatic Maori Wrasse. Named by the marine biologists, he is right there when the boat arrives, greets the guests, rubs against your back, follows you with those beautiful eyes and at two metres long, he has presence and a great deal of cheekiness. Angus has been painted with his exact markings, if I didn’t the biologists would know, they love him, he had to be just so.

“Within this collection you will find some of my favourites birds and fish from Kingston as well.

“Whenever I holiday back home, I always take photos for reference and that next painting opportunity. Walking along with my childhood memories, bringing me home.

“Cute as a button Cowfish, Maria Creek Ibis, the shiny quick as a flash Old Wives and a feed of fresh Kingston scallops we dived down to pick off the sea floor.

“I’m back in my happy place.

“I hope all who make the journey to Wilsons at Robe enjoy the collection. Quite simply I call it, North South.”