Councils funded for projects to help protect coasts

Robe council is one of eleven councils across South Australia that have been granted a total of $2.2 million this year to help protect and conserve the state’s coastline.

The council will receive $20,000 for replenishment of Town Beach to maintain erosion protection for the town.

Earlier this year the State Budget announced extra Coast Protection Board funding of $1.85 million to assist two council’s with seawall projects, including Kingston District Council.

The Kingston council will receive $600,000 to construct a new seawall at Wyomi Beach.

The Coast Protection Board’s annual grants program has funded $328,000 to regional and metropolitan councils.

The Coast Protection Board manages coast protection issues and provides advice on coastal development.

The board also provides grant funding to councils to help address erosion and flooding hazards along South Australia’s coasts.

Coast Protection Board Presiding Member Allan Holmes said: “The partnership with local councils is highly valued and the grants provide a substantial contribution to important coastal protection works.”

Environment and Conservation Minister Ian Hunter said “South Australia has policies and systems in place to address rising sea levels that threaten our state’s valuable coastline, and we welcome the support of the Coast Protection Board in helping local councils manage their own coastal areas.

“I know that residents of these suburbs and towns are proud of their beaches and coasts, and I am pleased that this funding will help them beautify, restore and protect these beautiful parts of our state.”