Kingston Caravan Park is running smoothly

The Kingston Caravan Park is running smoothly under the new ownership of Kingston District Council.

The caravan park is seen as a great tourism asset for the Kingston District Council.

When the council purchased the park it had great potential but required significant improvements and upgrades to a range of infrastructure and services.

Council took over the park's operations earlier this year and employed new managers Chad Vanstone and Kristy Tyler (pictured).

Kingston Caravan Park Committee president Jeff Pope said it was fantastic that council had made a commitment to help the park become a great asset for the town.

“It is amazing what is happening to the park, everyone is really keen to see where it will go in the future,” Mr Pope said. “The monthly committee meetings give members a chance to have an input.” 

The refurbished caravan park is also now the home of visitor information services, and there were signs this would soon bring more visitors.

“At the moment we are not run off our feet but in summer it will be different,” Kristy said.

The caravan park visitor information centre will be completely stocked up and set up by the beginning of December.

Another change will be fresh new signs for the park. 

Chad said: “It has been a bit of a blur so far and a bit of a challenge but that’s why we love it.

“We are always up for a challenge and we have the chance to build the park up.

“The resources we have and working with the council have been great.”