Kingston school band plays

The newly formed Kingston Community School Concert Band performed recently for the first time.

On November 1, the band busted out tunes for four primary school classes. 

The band was formed in term 2 with students who learn an instrument at the school or outside of school.

Three singers are also a part of the group.

“The students have been enthusiastic about rehearsing. It is after school and they are very committed,” said music teacher Natalie Ogilive. 

“They performed confidently and were entertaining for the students.

“The students are from all different ages and the band gives everyone in the group a wonderful sense of belonging.

“This performance also promotes the fun of learning an instrument and will hopefully inspire younger students to learn one. 

“There are so many benefits from learning an instrument, including socially, emotionally and intellectually.”

The songs played included 'Proud Mary', 'I'm a believer' and 'Power Rock'.

The audience were prompted to keep the beat for the two Queen songs in 'Power Rock'.