Heritage signs around Kingston

Kingston will soon boast new heritage signs around town which will tell community members and visitors of the rich history and heritage within the town.

Kingston District Council and the Kingston National Trust group are working together on the project to install 25 signs around Kingston.

The heritage signs will give people the opportunity to get a sense of Kingston’s rich past with the heritage markers will be added outside specific buildings that have been identified as significant. 

Kingston National Trust member Ali Stillwell said: “This project builds on the Historic Markers Project which a working party discussed in 2011, after the Kingston Heritage Survey, compiled by Drs. Peter Bell and Susan Marsden in 2007, identified sites of significance. There was another push for the project in 2013. About 18 months ago, the National Trust was asked if a group would like to recommend a list of historic sites and collate appropriate text and photos for the markers.

“The large number of sites around the town that were very important in Kingston’s early history necessitated a focus on pre-1900 sites.  We hope this group of 25 might be the first stage of a larger collection of markers, providing points of interest for locals and visitors.

“The National Trust are happy to be involved in such a worthwhile project. Eventually, each sign will have a QR Code added which, via a phone app, will give access to further information about each site”.

  1. Cookes stores & Old Woolstore Site
  1. Customs & Harbour Masters House
  1. J.J.Jarman Sawmill Complex
  1. Kingston Post Office
  1. Kingston school
  1. Lacepede Bay Institute hall
  1. Old council chambers
  2. Otter House
  3. Patterson’s Store
  4. Royal Mail Hotel
  5. Pinkerton Butchers
  6. Anglican Church
  7. The Old Bank House
  8. Cape Jaffa Lighthouse
  9. The Courthouse
  10. The Crown Inn Hotel
  11. The Kingston Arms Hotel
  12. The Lacepede Bay Schoolroom
  13. Lightkeepers Cottages
  14. Old Goal & police station
  15. The McCheyne Free Presbyterian Church
  16. The Uniting Church
  17. The Kingston Naracoorte Railway Stationmaster’s House
  18. Dudley Bridge – Site of the Preserving & Canning Factory
  19. Vine Cottage