Coast Board pays a SE visit

The Coast Protection Board visited the South-East on November 28 and 29. 

While the board was in Kingston the group visited Cape Jaffa and Wyomi Beach. 

At Robe the group inspected the seawall and assessed the cliff erosion at the caravan park and Cape Dombey. 

The group visited Kingston and were keen to understand the problems facing Maria Creek.

They also looked at Wyomi Beach as they are supporting the funding and they spent a considerable time at Cape Jaffa Anchorage trying to understand how the Kingston council will manage it.

Kingston council CEO Andrew MacDonald said: “They were flabbergasted at the enormous coastal issues this small council is dealing with and understand that council is looking into long term solutions. 

Robe CEO Roger Sweetman said: “We’ve had some problems at Main Beach with sand erosion. 

“It is pleasing to note that the work we have done over the past three of four years has been starting to gain momentum, the Coast Protection Board were happy with that.

“We previously had a problem at Sea Vu Caravan Park cliff collapse, they handled that and the group had a look at the sea wall and the beach access cliff stability round at the esplanade and some cliff stability issues down at the Obelisk.

“It was good to catch up with them and get their feedback on a couple of issues and some advice on a couple of things which was valuable. 

“That is the benefit of the visit, it gives them a broad understanding of all the problems council face.”

The Coast Protection Board works in partnership with local councils to provide protection and management of South Australia’s coast. 

The Board makes periodic visits to regions across SA to engage with councils and NRM on coastal protection issues, identify areas needing attention and provide advice on coastal development.

This year 11 councils have been granted a total of $2.2 million to help protect the state’s coastline.

This includes $600,000 to the Kingston District Council for a seawall at Wyomi Beach, and $20,000 to the Robe District Council.