Jay Hoad to come back to SA

INTERNATIONAL FIGURE: Jay Hoad at one of his international events.
INTERNATIONAL FIGURE: Jay Hoad at one of his international events.

Robe Institute will be the home of a one-of-a-kind show on February 15 as international music therapist and multi-instrumentalist Jay Hoad takes the stage. 

Hoad has returned to Australia after touring Thailand, Fiji and India as a one man band and will be running a Shamanic Cacao Ceremony and Sound Journey, combining Imparted Mayan Cocao, Shamamic Sound Therapy with Intimacy and Inner Union, Tantra, Guided Meditation, Breathwork and a Fire Ceremony. 

The event will start at 7pm, with tickets selling at $35 for pre-sale or $40 at the door.

For reservations, call 0417 504 476 or email info@jayhoard.com.

“I’m really excited to be bring the Cacao Journey experience to SA for the first time, they have been working so well in other parts of the world and I feel the people of SA will absolutely love this very unique experience,” Jay said. 

“We carefully prepare the cacao with love and ritual throughout the day of the ceremony, combining herbs, spices and natural raw sweeteners to transform this bitter cacao into a luxurious delicacy that is somewhat of a silky liquid warm chocolate drink that is absolutely delicious.” 

Three shows are planned for the South East region.

Robe will host two party-styled shows with 17 instruments on stage at the Caledonian in Robe on February 16 and 17. 

Beachport will also host an event, a more relaxed acoustic music session at Bompas on February 18. 

All three events will be free entry.

“When we combine this ancient tradition with the frequencies and pulses from instruments such as Didgeridoos, Medicine Drums, Cosmic Tone drums, etc. it really deepens the experience, the euphoric possibilities and the inner connection,” Jay said.