Lucindale’s getting some new renovations

There have been two big developments for the Lucindale community, with work resuming on a town gazebo and a museum celebrating pioneer families almost completed.

The new gazebo is going to be located at Centenery Park, which is on Musgrave Avenue. 

The original gazebo was constructed by the Lucindale Lions Club about 18 years ago, but it had to be replaced after falling into a state of disrepair.

A consultation session between the Lucindale Lions Club and the Naracoorte Lucindale Council was held in 2015, and a decision was made to have the Lions install the gazebo, with council covering the costs of resources.

After it was discovered that the gazebo’s location was crown rather than council land, a ministerial approval for the placement was submitted, and accepted in December last year.

A recent request by the Lions to extend the gazebo by three metres to make sure that it covers a barbecue area was approved by council.

The extra panels have since been purchased, and the construction of the gazebo is set to start early this year, likely after the South East Field Days.

Lions club representative Jeff Davey has said that the gazebo will be important to the community and visitors to Lucindale as a central point.

“Ladies with children meet there, and they can relax in the shade as the kids run around. People have barbecues there, and Australia Day is always at the park as well.

“Many people who stop here with caravans often remark what a lovely little spot it is.”

Mr Davey also praised the town gardener and small businesses along Musgrave Avenue, who will enhance the appeal of the gazebo.

As well as the Lions Club, LINC (Lucindale Community Economic Development Board) and Lucindale residents were identified as being potential consultants in the council minutes regarding the gazebo.

LINC is an intermediary which works between local clubs and the council, sourcing money for projects by the community. It has also been described as a “think tank” by chair Geoff Robinson.

A pathway is also set to be laid down near the foundation of the gazebo, with the path being primarily a project between the council and LINC.

Another project happening at Lucindale is a site on Four Mile Road which celebrates some of Lucindale’s first families in the area.

The site also has machinery that belonged to the DiGiorgio family, who have a long history of viticulture and land ownership in the area.

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