Robe and Kingston has welcomed many new students this year.

The Kingston Community School has welcomed a number of new staff this year. 

Nicolette Rehn from Cowell has joined the team to teach Stage 1 Essential Mathematics and Biology as well as Year 8-10 Science. 

Kirsten Barich is returning from accouterment leave, and will be working with Year 12 Research Project and Modern History students. 

Alice Trott is returning to teach Wednesdays in the Year 2 class and Sarah Wood is teaching Thursday in the Year 5 class. 

Skye Curkpatrick will also be teaching at the school this year, as she covers early years Health and Physical Education and Year 10 Personal Learning Plan. 

The school has also welcomed 23 new Reception children and 9 new students across the rest of the school.

Kingston Community School would also like to congratulate those who graduated in 2017, with excellent results. 

19 students achieved an ATAR score of which 15 were offered a University entrance. 

13 achieved a total of A+, A- or A in one or more subjects, one of which was Year 11. 

3 students received an A+ grade in Research Project B and one student recieved a merit award which led them to being invited to attend the Merit Ceremony in the beautiful grounds of Government House. 

81.25% of the students from last year who were intending to go to university received their first and second preferences for the first round offers with the degrees ranging from Bachelor of Arts to Bachelor of Law.  

Kingston Community School would also like to congratulate those who chose not to go to University, as they chose to achieve their SACE Certificate by completing three and a half or four subjects in Year 12, and enrolling in VET courses. 

Thise allowed them to achieve their 200 credits through Year 11 and 12, with two students securing employment with local businesses adn others pursuring further study through TAFE. 

Robe also welcomed 11 new Reception students this year, 5 less than in 2017. 

Overall, Robe’s total student number is greater than that of last year, with one reason being due to only 2 Year 7 students heading off to high school in 2017.

Thomas Wachtel will be taking part of the team this year, as he begins to teach Reception and Year 1 class. 

Robe Primary School welcomes all of the new students alongside staff members for 2018, and wish great luck to those Year 7s who have left the school to continue their journey in high school. 

With school holidays beginning in April and term one half over, the Robe school staff have succeeded in getting new Reception students into the schooling routine.