South East forums to shine light on solar

Free community solar events are set to hit the South East this week in an effort to help rural South Australia cope with tough electricity prices. 

Alex Georgiou from ShineHub said these events are a great opportunity for the public to gain more information about solar power and how it can benefit them at home. 

“We want to help home owners to know what suits them best and the discounts available for bulk buys from local producers,” said Mr Georgiou.

Mr Georgiou has been working in the industry for years, and developed a concern about working with confused customers. 

After some thought, he decided to work towards making a difference and provide quality information for those customers. 

The community events aim to educate residents about going solar and various options as well as the technologies available. 

Supported by the Smart Energy Council, Mr Georgiou held 12 events within the Adelaide Metro areas, and after hearing complaints about the unavailability for rural areas, decided to take it to the South East. 

“We really want to focus on battery solar power as well,” said Mr Georgiou.

“Along with the batteries, the panels are 90% energy efficient, as the power you collect from the solar panels when you aren’t home are stored in these batteries and are available for use when the sun isn’t out.” 

Another popular option is the ‘Fixed Rate Free Access’ plan, which is a first Australian project where the batteries and solar panels are installed for free, alongside continuous maintenance. 

The home owner then buys the power at around 30 cents per unit of power, 10 cents cheaper than the average household is paying now. 

These savings are estimated at 25%, and with no extra cost and all maintenance paid for, the Adelaide events brought in 175 orders. 

The events will be held in Naracoorte, Kingston and Bordertown.

Kingston will be held on February 18, starting at 1pm at the Crown Inn Hotel, where Naracoorte will be held at the Naracoorte Senior Citizens club on February 21 from 6pm. 

Bordertown will be held at 6pm at the Tatiara Council Civic Centre on February 22. 

To register for the event, visit