Robe primary school's newest teachers

Robe Primary School has two new teachers on the staff this year.

Local Kylie johns has recently been given the position with the Year 4/5s and Tom Wachtel with the Reception-Year 1 class. 

Mr Wachtel told the Leader that he was passionate about primary school teaching and having male teachers in those roles. 

“In early December, the job at Robe Primary school came up and i thought ‘I’ll give that go’,” Mr Wachtel said.

Mr Wachtel came down to Robe from his home town of Keith for a half hour interview and told the Leader that he felt very lucky to be given such a great opportunity.

”It was a really successful experience, I’d never had an interview so I had to prepare for that.”

Mr Wachtel mentioned how great the kids have been and how much he is enjoying the country lifestyle after moving to Robe in late January.

”The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is having kids that just want to have fun and want to learn at the same time. That’s probably the best thing.”

Mr Wachtel explained how well he was settling in and how welcoming everyone throughout the town had been during his short time here.

”It’s just been unreal meeting the kids and then you’ve got their parents. I’ve been training with the local football side, meeting all of them and working out all those connections. I feel like I’m settling in really well.”

Kylie told the Leader how much she is loving her time at Robe primary school and how happy she is to be teaching at the same school as her own kids.

”It was a personal decision to come and teach here. It is a lot more convenient than driving out to Kangaroo Inn. I still love Kangaroo Inn but it’s really convenient being here and it’s a great school.”

Kylie also said how great the kids have been, proving excitable and showing a willingness to learn. 

”There’s a really great bunch of teachers, really great resources, lovely kids and it’s and great environment so I’m loving it.”

New teachers: Tom Wachtel (left) and Kylie Johns have been really enjoying their time at Robe Primary in 2018

New teachers: Tom Wachtel (left) and Kylie Johns have been really enjoying their time at Robe Primary in 2018