Kangaroo Inn Area School wall construction complete

Kangaroo Inn Area School has had some important construction work done to the school building.

The southern side of the school now has new walls and windows. New air conditioning has been installed and external classroom doors replaced the old fire escapes.

The process of constructing the new wall has taken around 16 weeks to complete. It was funded from DECD grant funding the school had received two years before and was completed by Mount Gambier builders.

The wall had to be refurbished due to safety issues, with mould and rotting wood becoming a problem. Although the building work has taken longer than expected, principal Annie Matthews is glad the issues are no longer a concern.

“The building is new, fresh and ready for the future,” Ms Matthews said.

Ms Matthews also spoke about other construction projects planned for the school, adding that students have had the opportunity to come up with their own ideas.

“The next stage will be a new foyer area and a veranda outside the foyer area,” Ms Matthews said.

“Students last year designed some features for that veranda area which will be put in place later this year.”