Dave Thompson suicide prevention seminar in Kingston

Dave Thompson from SA Health ran a seminar about suicide prevention in Kingston last week.

The seminar focussed on the importance of suicide prevention networks. Mr Thompson also spoke about how SA Health and the Kingston council are in the process of launching their own network in Kingston. 

Mr Thompson said he was very happy with the response he received at the seminar in the Kingston council chambers. Fifteen people from the community came to listen to the seminar. 

“This evening has been a fantastic response,” Mr Thompson said.

“We’ve had an agreement to proceed with the suicide prevention network and so the next step will be to action plan, get a vision and develop a mission statement of what a suicide prevention network will look like.”

Mr Thompson hopes to stamp out the stigma attached to suicide by raising community awareness through the network. The seminar encourages others to talk about their feelings while building on “community connectiveness” through suicide prevention networks.

“We’re looking to build upon that to reduce the stigma for people to get help. Any door is the right door. Whether it’s a neighbor or a GP, We’re really looking to reinforce that.”

The network will help break down barriers and Mr Thompson believes that community networks will help make suicide apart of everyday conversation.

It was explained during the seminar by Mr Thompson that the network is working towards building help resources to prevent suicide and assist those in desperate need. The seminar solidified how people can benefit from the network and what they can take away from the experience.

“Anyone can be helped and it’s okay to seek help for yourself or others, don’t feel afraid, there are people there who care about you. Please use those avenues of help.”

The network is only just beginning and will grow with further development.

Mr Thompson spoke about the action that he will take to develop the prevention networks across SA.

“We’re looking to develop a connective approach which is consistent across all of South Australia. We’re looking to build upon the frameworks in place with community connectiveness especially within communities such as Kingston.”