New family honey business in Kingston

Taking a trip over to the coast and fancy some sweet, locally produced product? The Ringshaw family have started a business producing honey from home in Kingston.

Beetique Honey is being sold in local retail outlets in Kingston, and possibly soon to a wider market.

Business owner Jade Ringshaw spoke about her love for the environment and bees, adding that the Ringshaw family have always had an interest in the honey industry.

“I’ve always been interested in bees and beekeeping in general,” Jade said.

“We’ve also tried to look after the environment in many ways. If you look after your bees then you help not only the environment but farmers as well.

“We draw inspiration from not only our own interests but we’ve also been inspired by other businesses in town who keep bees and other local beekeepers who were generous to give us the knowledge we have today.”

The Ringshaw family’s goal is to sell the honey in most Foodland and IGA supermarkets throughout South Australia, starting in Kingston and expanding.

“One day we want to rival some of the big companies and brands.”

Jade also spoke about deciding against doing any crop pollination to begin with. They want to keep their bees to be retrieving their nectar from a variety of different plants.

“We don’t want to be moving our bees around just yet. We want to have them in locations that they can feed from all year around.”

The hives are located around Reedy Creek. The family is planning to expand on those sites once they source more bees. Jade highlighted that there are plants flowering all year round within those locations. 

“We’ve had a couple of Kingston locals who have been generous enough to allow us to put the hives on their land. That’s been a really big help to us.”

The family collect most of their own bees from various swarms or bought hives from other beekeepers before bringing them home to start honey production. The family have designed the honey bottles themselves and do all their own packaging.

The family is launching a website where people can learn more about how the honey is made as well as make enquiries and place orders.