Robe foreshore fence consultation has closed

The Robe foreshore fence consultation closed on February 23 and the council now has significant community input to consider.

The community had the opportunity to suggest ideas for the design of the fence. 

Engagement forms were available on the council website for community members to express their opinion on the options. 

The consultation period was extended, with construction being postponed in November 2017.

CEO Roger Sweetman told the Leader that the busy summer period was also a contributing factor to the delay.

The council has also created a development scheme, which entails steps that will maintain Robe’s character during the construction. 

The draft report for the closing of the consultation has been exclusively provided to the Leader. The council said it was making a conscious effort to remove risk to the public.

The council said it had acknowledged and discussed the 87 responses it received from the community throughout the consultation period. The council is following the advice it has received from Tonkins Engineering.

The fence must be the appropriate height and it must be made with a rolled top, according to the council development plan.

A summary of the responses is as follows: 20 people were happy with the existing fence, 20 responses wanted the fence removed and 39 wanted a different design. However the majority of the 39 wanted a post and wire fence which is inappropriate for a mixed use path.

The wooden post and rail fence is in accordance with the council’s development plan as the plan states that: “Fences should be of local stone, bagged or rendered masonry, timber, galvanised iron or painted corrugated iron or brush with a rolled top.” 

The council has debunked various comments made by the community, particularly those who have requested that the council do not build the fence at all. 

The council said the fence is a requirement along the cliff and the risk and engineering advice that the council received entailed that: “The proximity of the path to the sea wall and the foreseeable possibility of someone falling due to distraction/tripping that could result in significant injury, it is our view that some form of barrier is recommended.”

A lot of the comments requested another material be used, and suggested the rolled top be replaced with something else. Evidently, several respondents desired to see the fence “infilled” with wire.

The council report stated that: “The results of the consultation in pure numbers does not provide a conclusive view either way.

“This information and the comments within the responses will be used to guide council’s decision.”