Robe Football Club recruits excited for the year ahead

Jake Pitt, Lewis Crawford and Bojack Vidic have been recruited by the Robe Football Club to play in the 2018 season.

The three new players will be coming down from Adelaide every weekend to play for the Roosters’ A grade side.

All three sat down with the Leader to explain what had brought them to the club.

Jake’s brother Craig plays for the Roosters and he and Lewis are best friends, the two going to school together at PAC in Adelaide.

Lewis told the Leader that friendship as well as other factors came into play when he made the decision.

“Robe is a beautiful place, that was an influential factor. We also have the connection with Craig Pitt and Jack which is good,” Lewis said.

Jake said watching his brother Craig play for Robe in 2017 motivated him to come back to the country and start playing country football again after growing up in Lucindale.

“Obviously Craig played down here last year and I had a bit of a thirst to get back into the country footy scene,” Jake said. “In knowing Jack, we wanted to help him out as he’s been coaching here for a couple of years now. I think Robe deserve a bit of success.” 

Bojack told the Leader that he had been approached a few times over the years by the Roosters to come down from Adelaide and play. Bojack and Jack have also played against each other in the SANFL.

“I wanted to give footy a proper crack again because I’ve been out for a while,” Bojack said. “My dad’s best mates with Geoff and Holly Prest at the Cally and the second they said that the Pitt boys and Crawf were a done deal I said, ‘Absolutely, I’m coming down.’ It’s a beautiful town, I couldn’t think of a better place to come down for every weekend of the footy season.”

The boys have been very impressed with the club so far after receiving a positive response from everyone involved.

“Everyone’s been welcoming with open arms,” Lewis said. “If we have ever needed help someone has always been there to help us, can’t fault the club at all there.”

All three recruits are very team driven, saying they are looking to bring the team closer together in order to make finals and win a flag.

“We all just want to come down and play our role while doing what we do best,” Jake said. “We’ve got our team ethos and one of them is to be selfless so it’s more about bringing the team together.”

The three finally added how excited they are for the year ahead and what they are looking forward to throughout the season.

“It’s a testament to how friendly and nice everyone is in the town and how excited everyone is for the year,” Bojack said.