Kingston SE tourism lodge adverts in 2018 brochure

Kingston SE Tourism is in the process of producing and printing its new brochure covering the next two years.

The brochure is extremely popular and available at many outlets and places of interest in Kingston. The brochure is always provided for the benefit of visitors, particularly competitors in the annual Kingston Triathlon.

Advertising is available to businesses. Prices for the two-year period that the brochure covers are $110 for KSET members and $150 for non-members. Forty-eight places are available for adverts and earliest to apply will have a higher chance of getting a spot.

The Kingston SE tourism committee have collaborated with the Kingston District council to revamp their brochure with the theme of the beach starts here and the red and white colour theme as well.

The brochures will be easy to identify as it will be following the same theme that the heritage trail brochures and signs have used, proving to be a great success.

Contact Pauline Williams at the Kingston Newsagency or Jenny Robertson at Aggies Teahouse to lodge your advert.